• How much can you
    save with online-couponing?

    Interactive guide to online couponing

  • Did you know that?...

  • An average family can save
    more than

    by using online discount coupons.
    Let's have a closer look!

  • Family expenses

    not using coupons

    using coupons









    total savings

  • But how much can
    you save with online coupons?

    Discover how much you can save!

  • What do you need for
    the perfect vacation?

    • a nice hotel
    • a journey by plane
    • a rental car
  • Which electronic devices
    are you interested in?

    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Laptops
    • Printers
  • What about fashion?

    • Shoes
    • Clothes
    • Underwear
    • Sportswear
  • What accessories
    do you need?

    • Bags
    • Glasses
    • Jewellery
  • How do you spend
    your free time?

    • I like to relax with a good book
    • I need action and like to go out
  • By making use of coupons,
    here is how much YOU can save!

    Have a look now!

  • Estimated Total Savings









    total savings

  • To find out
    how this really works...

    Come this way!

  • First things first:

    Do you already know
    what a coupon is?

    Yes, I do. No, not really.
  • What is an online coupon?

    Online coupons are temporary discounts
    provided by online shops.

    Regularly an online coupon consists of different
    numbers or letters. Almost every online store provides
    a little discount field in their shopping cart.

    Some coupons work for online shopping, by
    providing incentives such as free shipping, and others
    will save you money on your order total.

    Online coupons are an eco-friendly
    way to save money.

  • Where to look for online coupons

    • Coupon websites

      These websites collect all sorts of coupons for various online shops.
      You can browse the different categories to get inspired and find the best deals. Also you
      can search for specific products or shops with the help of the search function.
    • Google search

      Using Google helps you to find the product specific coupons by entering the name of the
      product you want to buy and adding 'coupon' behind it. Adding the month reduces the risk
      of finding expired coupons. the same goes for finding coupons for shops in general.
    • Social media

      Following certain shops on social media can be advantageous,
      as companies are likely to share their latest deals and coupons on their social
      media sites. This also reduces the risk of coupons being outdated.
    • Newsletter

      If you sign up to the newsletter of a shop, you will be provided with the latest
      news around the brand via email and do not have to worry about outdated coupons.
  • Now you know the basics of coupons.

    But do you already know
    how to use one?

    Yes, I do. No, show me.
  • This is how you use coupons

    Find the right coupon online.

    Add all the products you want to buy
    to your shopping cart.

    • 1. Check-out
    • 2. Apply Coupon
    • 3. Payment
    • 4. Shipping

    Click through the ordering process until you reach
    the location that allows you to enter a coupon code.
    This varies by the retailer.


    Apply coupon and save money

  • Ok, now you can start

    But if you want to be a money saving expert
    - get tips for smart-shopping!

  • Here are a few more money saving hacks

    Thursdays and
    Fridays are the best
    days to shop, as retailers
    roll out sales.

    Add products to your cart
    – some retailers contact
    you with a coupon
    in order for you to buy
    these things.

    Join loyalty programs
    and subscribe to newsletters
    and coupon websites.

    Read the fine print
    – some shops offer you
    coupons if you do your
    return quickly.

    Look out for price discrimination.
    This means that the prices
    depend on your location,
    shopping behaviour and
    other data that the shops can
    track – compare the prices with
    the help of an incognito window.

    Wait for big events
    like Black Friday and
    Cyber Monday.

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